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Score Hero 2 MOD APK 1.04 (Unlimited Money)

Score Hero 2 MOD APK 1.04 (Unlimited Money)

 Score Hero 2 Mod apk is a game of football for smart phones operating system Android, designed to fit fan control how to play the player for the ball, instead of clicking on the screen quickly on several buttons small to win, let you play Score Hero 2 mod apk from playing football in a way More like solving puzzles.

Definition of the game Score Hero 2 mod apk  Android

Game Score Hero 2 Unlimited Money is a game of football is different from the rest of the football games for Android, where gives the player the ability to play in a new way based on the planning and assessment of the situation.

In order to play this game, you will pass the balls from one player to another by dragging your hand on the smartphone screen, and when the ball reaches a player and becomes between his feet, the game will stop so that you can pass the ball again to another player, or put it in the goal net according to what you see. suitable.

The advantages and disadvantages of Score Hero 2 MOD Unlimited Money for Android

Game features:
  • It allows you to name the player with your name, and choose his nationality.
  • This game works well and without any problems on average smart devices.
  • The game's graphics quality is good, and it is better than the previous game of the same name.
  • The method of drawing to control the path of the ball in the game is excellent, as the ball is kicked exactly according to what is determined in case the player can kick it as specified.
  • The game includes stages, and in order to reach a level, you must pass the previous one. This is not one of the features of the game, but what is distinguished here is that the stages are generally difficult, but you may find a difficult stage between the easy first stages, and an easy stage between the difficult advanced stages, and this makes the game more fun.
Game disadvantages:
  • Some stages of the game are difficult to win, as you may spend several days winning at a stage.
  • The game size is a little high compared to the previous version.
  • Don't save unlimited money, just unlimited energy.

You can play the official (unmodded) version of the game a certain number of times every day, and when you exceed this number, you will not be able to play until the energy is charged the next day.

The modded version of Score Hero 2 provides you with the ability to play an unlimited number of times without having to wait until the next day, and although this does not enable you to get unlimited money, it will be very useful to you, as it will help you to overcome the stages of the game and reach To advanced stages in a short time.

You can download the mod Score hero 2 game for free from the Happy Mode 2022 store , or through an external link from the bottom.

I changed the game Score Hero 2 mod apk Unlimited Money way to enjoy playing football on the Android smart phones, and doubled the fun, what are you waiting download the game and enjoy playing football from here .
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